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Ah-Lo'-Mah' Basketry Art Installation

Tribal members of Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation made their mark on the town with an art installation supported by the Mariposa Arts Council and Atlas Labs. The display showcases local traditional weaving styles, as well as the native plants collected and used as materials. Redbud, sour berry sticks, willow - the same plants our ancestors have harvested for time immemorial.

Basket weaving was lead by tribal elder Sandra Chapman who taught a group of local native women the ancient art. Their first projects are now on display for all the world along the Mariposa Creek Parkway!

The project was titled Ah-Lo'-Mah', which means "basket" in our language. It emphasizes the timeless presence of our people in this region, and our inherent connection to the land. It also serves to reinforce the importance of honoring our culture-keepers and passing on tradition through the generations.

Ah-Lo'-Mah' was a collaboration of many as part of the ongoing Mariposa County Creative Placemaking Master Plan, which asks questions about Mariposa's identity, our relationship to this place, and the stories that make Mariposa unique. To learn more, please visit the Creative Placemaking Page:

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