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New Counselor: LuEllen Luker

Miwumati Healing Center has a new Mental Health Clinician

LuEllen Luker

Hello, I am LuEllen Luker, I am Chumash and your new Counselor at the Miwumati

Healing Center. I have lived in Mariposa for 25 years and moved from Snelling, California. Prior to this I lived most of my life in Los Banos, California. My parents became curators to the Milliken Museum when I was a child. I literally felt like I grew up in a museum. I was married in the front courtyard at the Mariposa Museum & History Center.

I have a Masters in Social Work and have been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2011. My last position was a psychotherapist at Soledad State Prison. I also supervised a unit of psychotherapists while there and taught various subjects in Mental Health to staff. Previously I worked for Mountain Crisis Services, KingsView Counseling Center and Mariposa County Human Services, and Fresno County as a Chemical Dependency Specialist. I held positions at Merced Mental Health as a Dual Diagnosis Clinician, Alcohol and Drug Program Manager for the Recovery Assistance For Teens program, Crisis Assistance Team Brief Term Therapist, and Case Manager for the Mental Health Adolescent and Adult Teams and the Marie Green Psychiatric Center. Prior to these experiences I worked briefly for Merced County Probation Department as a Juvenile Counselor and Merced County Human Services Department as an Eligibility Worker. I am married to Dusty Luker who has volunteered a great deal around the community and is a veteran. We have three grown sons, one grandson and five granddaughters. We also care for Dusty’s older sister, Annie. She has lived with us 20 years and who is 72 years young and a developmentally delayed adult.

I look forward to meeting with you and hope that I can serve you well along our life paths.

Call Miwumati Healing Center to schedule a counseling appointment.

Counseling can take place in person, over the phone or using a computer meeting platform.

Walk-in meet and greet is welcome.

When we choose the Red Road, we choose the path to the creator, it is on that journey that we are not focused on trying to change others but we are focused on the directional healing within ourselves.

As the Medicine Wheel teaches us, all things are connected, if we are well, others around us will learn and heal from that wellness.

“Warriors are not what you think of as warriors, the warrior is not someone who fights, because no one has the right to take another life, the warrior, for us native people, is one that sacrifices themself for the good of others. The warrior’s task is to take care of the Elders, the defenseless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children, the seventh generation, the future”. ~ Sitting Bill


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