Food Box

Individual & Family Food Assistance

Walk-In Service 

Everyone Welcome

Eligibility: low-income

Want to Donate Non-Perishables:

Drop during Miwumati Business hours to 4629 Highway 49 South, Mariposa, CA. 

Support Services

Culture is Prevention

Culture as Prevention means to choose wellness by learning and practicing a cultural activity. When we practice our traditions and ceremonies we reduce engagement in non-healthy choices. In practicing culture we also heal ourselves and become good teachers for all the generations of elders in training.

Practice Culture<>Preserve Culture

Try these cultural activities to stay well during difficult journeys:

* Gather sticks of Elderberry, willow, sour berry and others for weaving.

*Gather acorn, grind flour and cook with ancestral first foods.

*Gather cedar, sage, pine, bay leaf, rosemary, lavender, mugwort and smudge (burn & cleanse with light smoke) yourself and your home. 

*Research, speak, read and write in your tribal first language.

*Bead a gift

*Learn a new Cultural Craft

*Sew traditional clothes to look forward to future gatherings

*Go to water



Mental Health Services

One on One -Goal Oriented Counseling

Drug & Alcohol Support Counseling

Grief Counseling

Family Support

Talking Circles (Events)

Sweat Lodge (Events)

Phone & Computer Counseling Access Available

Main Office # 209 966 3245

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